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Responsive Web Design
Now days it is very rare to see a person without mobile. This device stands for its portability and some kind of mobile devices such as Smart Phones, tablets etc are broadly used for surfing the web easily anywhere and anytime for various activities such as mail, search for some online shopping, business oriented etc. For this purpose there occurs the era of Mobile Website Design.

We realize the importance of mobile website and undergone some statistics to provide a visually appealing website for the smaller screen. And the statistics are as follows:


Every Mobile web designer should be scrupulous about the display since the resolution get vary from laptop that of smart-phones. A usual website may consist of number of text, images, forms,links and some may use flash websites which encloses more number of elements thus presenting a complete view of the site but we cannot assure that the same presentation will appear in Smart phones or tablets with high clarity. It is very important to take care of the screen size while designing a mobile website. If in case, the site view in the mobile is very insignificant then it is very tough to lead the business sites in the competitive market.

User Friendly

The success of a perfect website lies in holding the visitors within it. Chance must not be given for the visitor to move on to the other website and is very important to make them to visit again to our website. It is also essential to maintain the interaction between the user and the website without any frustration.

Avoid using Flash in mobile web designing

The first and foremost reason for not using flash in mobile web designing is longer load time. Typically every user wants a quick access to the information whenever they surf the web via their mobile. No one will have the patience to wait until the site loads and this makes them to move on the competitive site. And the next important thing is, this feature may not be supported in many mobile devices.

Making only the essential links visible on the main page

Contact page is very substantial for every business websites, as it allows the visitor to have a direct contact with that particular business owner. It is very important to implement the contact information such as phone number, email, and address on the website very clearly and also it must be accessed by the mobile site user without any difficulty in it.

Usage of important and limited text/images

Design your mobile website with only necessary images and text in order to avoid lots of scrolling, multiple navigation etc. Make the content very clear and easy to read. Reduce the number of images since it takes much loading time. Link back to your original website because it may take the visitors to view the complete website of yours.

Our team of mobile web designers will do design such a mobile website that encloses all the above factors. Don't wait anymore - contact Webdezignindia to create a unique successful mobile website.